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Dear Parents and students,
As you are probably aware, both Cambridge and Pearson (Edexcel) examination boards have taken the decision to cancel ALL examinations this academic year. This includes international exams, and as such, effects the school directly.
We realise that you probably have lots of questions, but at this time all we are able to confirm is that both organisations state that they are ‘committed to ensuring that all students receive a result and grade’.
Therefore, rest assured that once we have further information, we will contact you all immediately.

الدولية الاختبارات الخاصة بصفوف  الحادي والثاني عشر 


مايو / يونيو 2020م

السادة أولياء الأمور وطلابنا الأعزاء ،
كما تعلمون على الأرجح ، فقد اتخذت مؤسستا الامتحانات الدوليتان كيمبردج و بيرسون (Edexcel) قرارًا بإلغاء جميع الامتحانات هذا العام الدراسي، وهذا يشمل الامتحانات الدولية، وبالتالي سيؤثر هذا القرار على طلاب مدرستنا و بصورة مباشرة.
ندرك أنه ربما يكون لديكم الكثير من الأسئلة ، ولكن في هذا الوقت كل ما يمكننا تأكيده هو أن كلتا المؤسستين أكدتا على أنهما “ملتزمتان بضمان حصول جميع الطلاب على تقييم ودرجة”.
لذلك ، كونوا مطمئنين أنه بمجرد حصولنا على مزيد من المعلومات ، سنوافيكم بها على الفور.


School Closure

Dear Parents,

Please use the following links to view the videos with information about your children’s learning whilst they are away from school.

School Fees Discount / خصم الرسوم المدرسية


Conditions for getting the discount:

1. Providing all the mentioned documents in the form.

2. Both parents should not get any education allowance from their work place even if this allowance is partial.

3. There should not be any delayed or unpaid fees upon the student for the academic year 2019/2020.

4. Student should not be eligible to the vouchers system in Dafna campus.


Where quality education meets local value

Established in 2010, Awfaz Global School has grown rapidly to become a high standard educational institution catering to the needs of local and expatriate families living in Qatar. Currently the school caters to the needs of students from KG 1 through Year Ten. With a current enrollment of approximately 720 students across three campuses, the school provides a warm and caring atmosphere that is characterized by a child centered approach to learning. The school follows a British curriculum which incorporates Arabic language and culture as well as Islamic lessons.


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Closer Apart English and Arabic letter

Dear Valued Parents and Students, I hope you are all well and keeping safe during these unusual times. Awfaz Global Schools are delighted to announce our ‘Closer Apart’ initiative, as per the instructions of Ms. Fatema Ghanim Al Kubaisi, The CEO of Awfaz Global Schools. Click here for English version انقر هنا للحصول على النسخة العربية Dafna Schedule
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Assessments and Reporting Since Covid-19 Outbreak English and Arabic translation

The attached guidance is intended for parents, students and staff who had to deal with the unprecedented circumstances of online learning methods since the schools’ closure on the 9 th March 2020. Due to the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak, AGS had to set an E- Learning platform providing information and guidelines on how to continue studying from home. In this guidance we aim to give an outline of the E- Learning strategies AGS follow and details about the way we intend to conduct assessments and report them to parents throughout the duration of the closure.

Click here for English version انقر هنا للحصول على النسخة العربية
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Distinguished Teachers Award Ceremony

Awfaz Global School understands the importance of recognition in every facet emphasizing on support and encouragement for all of our staff and their hard work and achievements.

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Essentials Complaints System

These Guidance used to assist parents in filling a complaint through the Ministry of Education and Higher Education private schools portal and in learning how to deal with the system.

Duhail EYFS

Practical Life Activities

This Year have introduces Practical Life activities as a part of our instructions. Practical Life is an area of learning which consist of simple, daily activities using objects that area familiar and recognizable to the children.

Duhail EYFS

Nutrition Day

Dafna Primary

Nutrition Day

Duhail EYFS

Jungle Zone Trip

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Parents survey for E-Learning

Awfaz Global School recognises that as the scope of technology is changing, more students continue to have access to Internet-capable devices.


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