Awfaz School



Academics at AGS – a tradition of excellence and learning

At AGS we provide an outstanding British curriculum education which aims to provide a stimulating and enriching learning environment that adds value to all learners and empowers holistic growth.

In year 7 – 9 Students study the three core subjects from the British Curriculum (English, Maths, Science) as well the core Arabic subjects (Islamic, Arabic, Qatar History), and these are supplemented with ICT, Art, Humanities, and P.E.

As well as internal testing, students in year 7 and 9 take internationally recognized external exams.
In years 10 and 11 students prepare for IGCSE exams. The sciences are offered as discrete separate subjects (Biology, Physics, Chemistry) and we also offer Business Studies and Computer Science. External UK exams are offered in both January and June of the final academic year.

Early Education

Three, four and five-year-olds learn through play, while building a powerful educational foundation. This is when they discover that learning is both fun and challenging – it’s when they build confidence, self-esteem, and find independence bit by bit, in an environment that feels like family.

Primary School

Primary education is the basic and foremost right of every child. This is the first time officially, a child peeks through the world of learning and starts to climb the ladder of education allowing himself to bloom. At Awfaz Global School, we warmly embrace every child as they step in to our school and ensure that their learning experiences are inspiring, dynamic and personalised, because we believe in sparking the fire of intellectual curiosity, whereby igniting a life-long love of learning.

Secondary School

The upper school is divided into Key Stages (KS) 3, 4, and 5. Throughout year 10, 11 and 12 we will provide career and university study advice to help students choose the correct subjects for them to follow their chosen path.

Arabic & Islamic Internal Activities

We use our wonderful departments to promote activities throughout the year at AGS. These activities are further mapped out into our calendar so that we can effectively prepare and deliver the activities.

Our activities are divided into school-based and out of campus-based. For school-based activities, we have:

  • Class activities are as diverse as (educational, cultural and value-based games
  • Extracurricular activities-
  • Reading Week.
  • Competitions between classes in the same year group.
  • Competitions between year groups in the schools.
  • Activities that encourage classroom hygiene and behavioural control.
  • Activities to promote reading and speaking.
  • Activities to promote attention to calligraphy.
  • Ethical values (respect, honesty, responsibility, etc.)

Off Campus Activities

On an annual basis, we register our students to participate in:

  • National events- We ensure that our students are registered to participate in National events such as Arda of Qatar
  • National Service – Reception of His Highness the Emir of Qatar
  • Theatre and Media Events. – Debates, media presentations etc.
  • The Qur’an competition in cooperation with the Ministry of Endowments.
  • The Young speakers in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Endowments.
  • Book of the future- in collaboration with Eid Charity Foundation.
  • The theatre of the curriculum.
  • Other educational trips that support the Arabic and Islamic development of our students.


The first years of schooling are extremely important in every child’s development. Children develop physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially throughout this time. Starting school can be a daunting and difficult experience for any child, and it is therefore crucial that children be able to settle into the school environment as calmly, smoothly and comfortably as possible. For some children it is harder than for others, and it is essential that all children see the environment as being a warm, welcoming and happy place.

At Awfaz Global our small class sizes are able to provide the small group nurture that means that our pupils will not get ‘lost’ as they may have done in other larger schools in the past.

We provide children with a planned, co-coordinated program based on the English Early Years and Foundation Stage, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. We have a separate campus for the Early Years groups and provide age appropriate resources for each of our cohorts.

The Early Years and Foundation Stage is a programdesigned to develop key learning skills and to allow children to learn to work together with other children. This is achieved by planning activities which enable each child to reach Early Learning Goals at the end of the Foundation Stage.

One of the most important aims of the Foundation Stage is to prepare the child for Key Stage One. As every child develops at their own pace, the Foundation Stage encourages them to reach their full potential as well as giving them the intellectual, physical, social and emotional skills needed at Key Stage One.

In the first year of the Foundation Stage, in our KG 1 the program focuses on each child’s intellectual and social skills. Encouragement is given for the child to develop at their own pace, and much of the focus is on the individual needs and interests of the child.