On 27 September 2023, Awfaz Global School’s Izghawa campus had the honour of hosting a distinguished delegation from the Republic of Uzbekistan. Among the notable attendees were Mr Buzrukxonov Sarvarxon Munavarxonovich, the Deputy Minister of Higher Education, Science, and Innovations; Mr Nazarov Ugli, Chief Specialist of the International Cooperation and Ratings Department; Mr Abdullaev Nodir, Deputy Rector of Tashkent State University of Oriental Studies, and Mr Otaxanov Ugli, Head of Department for attracting foreign grants and investment in science and innovation.

The visit commenced with a captivating music presentation by primary students of Awfaz Global School, setting the tone for a day of collaboration and learning. Following the performance, the delegation engaged in a substantive discussion with the senior leadership team at Awfaz. The core topics of the meeting encompassed the integration of science, innovation, and artificial intelligence within the educational framework.

Moreover, the delegation was given an insightful tour of the school, wherein they had the opportunity to interact directly with students. The students enthusiastically shared their learning experiences and expressed their appreciation for the nurturing environment provided by Awfaz Global School.

The day underscored the commitment of both parties towards fostering an innovative and holistic approach to education. The visit served as a testament to the international collaboration efforts Awfaz Global School is actively pursuing, ensuring their students receive a well-rounded and globally informed education.

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