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Awfaz signed a partnership agreement with Tarbeya Center

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Awfaz Global Schools signed a partnership agreement with Tarbeya Center with the aim of building a generation who would contribute to leading a bright future, promoting development, and holding educational, social, teaching, and cultural responsibility.
The partnership will implement several educational programs designed to serve our students in Awfaz Global Schools through various programs, activities and mechanisms based on integrating values in education.

وقّعت مدارس أوفاز العالمية اتفاقية شراكة مع مركز تربية رواد الغد للتدريب التربوي، بهدف المساهمة في صياغة جيل يبني مستقبلاً مشرقاً، ويدفع بعجلة التنمية إلى الأمام، ويتحمل المسؤولية التربوية والاجتماعية والتعليمية والثقافية.
ستعمل الشراكة على تنفيذ بعض البرامج التربوية الموجهة لخدمة طلابنا في مدارس أوفاز من خلال وسائل وآليات مختلفة قائمة على دمج القيم في التعليم.

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Anti Bullying Campaign

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Awfaz Global Schools organised a campaign aimed at raising students’ awareness about bullying

Awfaz Global Schools celebrated Anti-Bullying week, from Monday 16 November until Thursday 19 November 2020 in Awfaz Global Schools three branches. Anti-Bullying Week aims to raise awareness among students and provide them with techniques that contribute to stopping bullying and making a lasting change in students’ lives.

Awfaz Global Schools, in its three branches, celebrated the Anti-Bullying week through several interactive activities that shed light on students’ physical and psychological health and equipping the students with knowledge on how to prevent the adverse effects of bullying. All awareness-raising activities were organised in acceptable conditions while taking precautionary measures and procedures for physical distancing.

For this occasion, Mrs. Fatima Bint Ghanem Al-Kubaisi, CEO of Awfaz Global Schools, said: “The best method to prevent bullying is to overcome it by promoting positive behavior and support students’ moral development. Teaching them the principles of respecting social and cultural diversity and amity will enhance a distinguished academic climate, and it will protect our children from any psychological and physical risks behind this phenomenon.”

The teachers of kindergarten and first elementary classrooms urged our young students to wear colored socks, as it was an opportunity to encourage them to express themselves, their opinions and their distinction. The idea of ​​”Odd Socks Day” was implemented as an enjoyable day in which children could celebrate their individuality, be proud of who they are, and accept one another. In addition, the students of Awfaz Global School Kindergarten enjoyed interactive educational activities to instill moral and positive values ​​in the hearts of future generations.

Social workers at Awfaz Global Schools organized a series of lecture sessions for students to raise awareness of the Anti-bullying Week. These lecture sessions aimed to enhance students’ knowledge about the problem of bullying and raise awareness about it, through the participation and joint efforts of students, teachers, social counsellors, parents and Awfaz Global Schools management. The awareness lecture sessions also focused on the importance of students differing from each other in their races, languages ​​and beliefs, and this diversity will lead to amity, cooperation and mutual respect in addition to best ways of respecting others and not hurting their peers with hurtful words.

These various activities raised awareness among students of all ages. Moreover, this week was a unique opportunity to enhance interaction with students, listen to them, and familiarize them with tools to prevent bullying in the school environment and the application of moral values.

Awfaz Global Schools (AGS) were established in 2010 to provide a stimulating and enriching learning environment that adds value to all students. The school offers a warm and caring atmosphere that is

characterized by a child-centered approach to learning. The schools follow the British curriculum that incorporates Arabic language and culture as well as Islamic lessons.

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Assessments and Reporting Since Covid-19 Outbreak English and Arabic translation

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The attached guidance is intended for parents, students and staff who had to deal with the unprecedented circumstances of online learning methods since the schools’ closure on the 9 th March 2020. Due to the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak, AGS had to set an E- Learning platform providing information and guidelines on how to continue studying from home. In this guidance we aim to give an outline of the E- Learning strategies AGS follow and details about the way we intend to conduct assessments and report them to parents throughout the duration of the closure.