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The AGS Herald Newsletter first issue

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A student Publication of Awfaz Global School

You are reading the AGS Herald

This quarterly newspaper is intended to give you a brief of the school events, activities for the past semester, as well as inform you about key information in secondary school.

This also includes subject specific updates from KS3 to KS5 in secondary, and also feature students’ written works across all departments. We hope that this newspaper will bring endless smiles to both our students and parents. Please keep on reading for more updates.


Wow!!! Congratulations Ms.Alette, Mr. Arshad and all who had been part of this beautiful schoolwide endeavour. Kudus to the student editorial staff. I really enjoyed reading the different articles and they are really informative. And the grammar and choice of words are very commendable. The combination of visuals and writings makes it more appealing and interesting to read. I like the puzzle and the jokes in the last part. This is indeed a major achievement for AGS. Congrats everyone. With excitement, I am looking forward to the next publication.👍👍👍
Music teacher
At a first glance, it looks very professional, organized and well thought out. Fantastic initiative!
Ms Tasneem
Head of KG
Wow, this is just amazing! Well done to all involved. I love the layout and I think that there is a good balance of visual and text, capturing my interest and making me want to keep reading though. I did enjoy the interviews and information on mental Health, having the voice and real experiences from the teachers was great. This element makes it personalized and I think will help some readers feel connected. I look forward to seeing other interviews like this. This paper is fun, clear and informative. I definitely felt I wanted to keep reading through. I did like the fun elements also. (quiz/jokes/ did you know) Congratulations to all. I look forward to the next publication. 😃
Ms Karen
Head of KG/Duhail
A remarkable, ingenious and enlightening newspaper published by the year 12 students of the school where I study. What a priviledge to be part of this school.
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Year 6
The magazine is very informative, educative and interesting. I enjoy the fun and game column and the teachers advisory sections. Keep it up! Kudos to all team members that involves in the publishing.
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It’s an amazing newsletter. I like the organisation and the format of it . I really enjoyed reading this newsletter and mashAllah the students writing articles are amazing. Good luck to all.
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Year 9
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School Arrangements

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Dear Valued Parents, 

As you may have seen, the Ministry of Education has now ruled that all students must attend school on a rotational basis and 100% online learning is no longer an option except for students who have a valid and certificated medical condition. With this in mind, we have developed the following plan for students at Awfaz Global School, Izghawa campus.

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Keeping Safe and Happy at School

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Dear valued parents,

These are undoubtedly unprecedented times we are currently facing across the global community.

The health and wellbeing of our children are of paramount importance to us.

Kindly have a look at the PowerPoint and educate your child about how to stay safe.

We, at Awfaz Global School, are committed to providing a learning environment which is safe, secure and clean.