Primary Department Welcome Message

Dear Parents and Guardians,

We’re an international British school that provides your child with an academically progressive,
innovative, and future-focused educational offering that is both locally and globally relevant. We
do this through ongoing mentorship, ownership of voice and choice, and providing a
personalised learning journey, ultimately giving our students a Globally Competitive edge. At
Dafna Primary, we focus on learning that is engaging, relevant, challenging, and significant. Our
pedagogical approaches pushes beyond traditional subject-based teaching to innovative
concept-based approaches. We aspire to bring relevance, authenticity, and connection to our
students’ education to help them acquire the knowledge, skills and understanding they need to
succeed in today’s world. Our approach ensures learning has local and global significance for
all students, in all cultures, and all places. Therefore, Dafna Primary has identified four
academic pillars that visualise, describe, and enhance our offering of a dynamic, personalised
learning journey for each student. Dafna’s curriculum allows our children to grow both his
analytical and artistic thinking preferences in a way that challenges their critical thinking abilities.
The school’s ethos of tolerance and respect for every individual is what sets it apart. Your
unique child has room to breathe and live their truth. This is why we love Awfaz Global School
Dafna Campus.

Best regards,

Ms. Lydiam Irusen
Head of Primary