Awfaz School




We are delighted that you are considering Awfaz for your child’s education.

We provide superior education to students across Qatar. We’re recognized as the preferred school near Doha and major surrounding cities by parents and students who’ve experienced our quality education and culture! In fact, many of our students who’ve gone on to top colleges and career paths, still recognize Awfaz as being the one of the best schools in Qatar to equip them for all of their academic and personal endeavors.


Notice of Non-Discrimination Policy

Awfaz Global School re-affirms its policy to admit students on a non-discriminatory basis, without regard to race, colour, nationality, family orientation, or ethnic origin. Our procedures are designed to be as open and transparent as possible and ensure that students capable of successfully transferring to AGS are admitted to join our student body.


Visit by Parents/Guardians

Parent/guardians begin the admissions process by contacting the school secretary on 44980124 Admissions Office to arrange a tour of the school. This first visit is a required part of the admissions process as we want parents to have a good idea of the school, meet the staff and see other children and their workbooks.

We then invite each prospective student to meet with a member of the school team for an assessment visit. Depending on the entry grade, this visit may be in a group or scheduled individually as an entrance assessment.



For Doha based families we ask that you complete:

  • Registration Admission, with photograph of applicant attached and copies of passport, ID card and health/ immunization records.
  • Pay the non refundable registration fee.
  • Current and previous year’s transcripts, as well as school records from current school, sent directly from your child’s current school


Entrance Assessment

Students are invited to attend AGS to complete the entrance assessment for the appropriate year group. Every effort will be made to ensure that the teacher responsible for teaching that particular year group carries out the assessment.

On occasion, we understand that it may not be possible for a child relocating from outside Doha to visit the school for an assessment. In these circumstances, either a conversation by phone or via video conference is possible, or the child may be offered a place on the basis of the application in conjunction with teacher evaluations, records, and conversations with the current school. Each family will be considered on an individual basis.

As with all final admissions decisions, this is entirely at the discretion of the Principal and the school admissions committee.

Parents will usually be notified within 48hours if their child has been successful and will then need to complete health forms, bus forms if applicable, provide relevant documentation and pay the uniform, book, and tuition fees.