Welcome to the ‘Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion’ department at Awfaz Global Schools.

Enshrined in our schools’ ‘Mission’ and ‘Vision’ and strongly interlinked with our school’s ‘Core Values’, is our ‘Diversity, Inclusion and Equality’ (DEI) policy for all students and members of staff at Awfaz Global Schools.
Awfaz Global Schools are committed to celebrate differences in our backgrounds and promote diversity at all levels by adhering to an equal treatment of all students and members of staff. To promote their well-being, Awfaz Global Schools are also committed to creating a highly inclusive environment for all. Safety of all students and members of staff and safeguarding their respective well-being are the fundamental values of DEI at our school.
The prime aim of establishing a separate department of DEI at our school is to ensure the presence of a very diverse students’ community and workforce, which is truly representative of a diverse Qatari society. Reflecting its vision and mission, the department of DEI has come into being to actively promote a highly inclusive environment where differences in backgrounds are perceived as strengths and a strong medium of a highly productive environment.
Awfaz Global Schools embrace and aim to promote the core values of diversity, equality and inclusion by declaring them as essential features of our work ethos. At our schools, we strive persistently and vigorously to create a very diverse school community where all students and members of staff are welcomed, accepted and treated equally with respect, regardless of their backgrounds or personal attributes such as race, language, religious beliefs, gender identity, or disability so that they can participate, achieve and thrive at school.
To celebrate students’ diverse backgrounds and ensure a highly inclusive environment at Awfaz Global Schools, we purposefully encourage students’ participation at an equal level as a tool to improve students’ inclusiveness and provide them with a broad range of opportunities where their diverse backgrounds are celebrated.
While actively promoting DEI, Awfaz Global Schools are also devoted to identifying, discouraging, and eliminating all potential practices or behaviours that may compromise or challenge, consciously or unconsciously, the spirit of DEI in any form.
Mr Arshad Habib
Diversity, Inclusion and Equality Liaison Officer

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