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There is regular assessment of student programs and their impact on student learning.

Teachers and students use various forms of assessment frequently, integrating them into the learning process. Assessments are appropriate to measure various skill sets.
Assessments are used to measure student progress, for monitoring and planning of curricular programs and student growth, and to allocate resources. Assessments are regularly evaluated and are modified as necessary.


In the early stages of the school year our teachers carry out a baseline assessment and this is to establish where the child is at. Throughout the term assessment is formative and is more about teacher observations and reflection of the children’s work rather than a formal test. At the end of each term our teachers then carry out a summative assessment. This is where they reflect on the learning that has taken place and will highlight if a child is Emerging, Expected or Exceeding in each area of learning. Next they use this information to consider what learning objectives they still need to develop in and target accordingly. If a child is struggling in an area, teachers can then support and plan through interventions or target group work.

Methods of Assessments

Our Portfolios, observations and workbooks keep a record of the childrens learning and development.

Online Resources

The following is a sample of useful websites for homework help, games, activities and research materials. Awfaz Global School offers these links on the understanding that it in no way endorses the content of individual websites. Parental guidance and supervision, as always is required.

This website offers students flashcards, games and worksheets on basic mathematical functions, fractions, currency calculations, and geometric shapes

A user-friendly educational site that provides printable materials and worksheets for immediate use by teachers and parents.

An encyclopedia of world history based on a database covering 400 interconnecting narratives and 6000 selected events.