Kindergarten Department Welcome Message

Dear Parents and Guardians,


On behalf of the faculty and staff it is my pleasure to welcome you to our Kindergarten in Duhail. We are proud to be part of the AGS- Awfaz Global School family; a group of schools delivering excellence in education. At Duhail, we provide an enabling, safe and engaging learning environment; supporting students as they grow and develop into confident, independent lifelong learners. As head of the Duhail campus, I strive to ensure all students feel settled and secure in the environment and their wellbeing is of the highest priority. I feel proud of the changes we have made and we continuously reflect and evaluate practices to always achieve high standards in early childhood education. 

At Duhail, we believe that early experiences shape a child’s future and influence them throughout life. We offer a child-centred approach to learning and development, a place where a child can develop their passion for learning and feel safe and secure. We deliver the EYFS British curriculum and have fully integrated local Qatari culture and customs in our setting, with outstanding lessons in Arabic , Islamic and Quran. 

Our dedicated and enthusiastic staff are passionate about giving our young learners the best experiences. They continuously deliver lessons that support a holistic approach to teaching and learning. As a forward thinking setting we endeavour to always achieve outstanding results for our students, focusing on child centered personalised learning. At Awfaz Global School, we encourage our students to challenge, explore and question as they learn and discover. We nurture and  motivate our students as individuals to achieve their full potential, helping them to become global citizens who positively impact the world around them. 

The team and I look forward to welcoming you and your family into our AGS Kindergarten and being instrumental with creating a positive start to your child’s education journey. 

Warm regards,
Ms. Karen Brierly
Head of EYFS