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International Women’s Day 2021

In recognition of the International Women’s Day we would like to take this

 opportunity and express our sincere appreciation and heartfelt gratitude to the women working at Awfaz Global Schools for the help in shaping future leaders and also for their perseverance and determination in achieving our values and objectives.

Happy women’s day!

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Awfaz Secondary School held an online meeting with Year 9 parents

Awfaz Secondary School held an online meeting with Year 9 parents.

During the meeting, the Head of Secondary introduced the Year 10 options for next academic year and clarified the assessment policy, the examination boards and the academic pathways offered for our students. 

The presentation was followed by a Q&A session in which all the parents’ concerns were addressed.

Awfaz is an approved examination Centre for three of the best internationally recognized and respected examination boards, managed by government-approved organizations in the UK:  Pearson Edexcel International Examinations (EDEXCEL), Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) and Oxford AQA Examinations (AQA).

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Izghawa National Day of the State 2020

Our Izghawa academic and administration staff members celebrating the National Day of the State

أعضاء الهيئة التدريسية والإدارية بفرع ازغوى لمدارس أوفاز العالمية يحتفلون باليوم الوطني للدولة

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Awareness sessions for the Anti-bullying Week

نظم الأخصائيون الاجتماعيون بمدارس أوفاز العالمية سلسلة من الجلسات التعريفية لأبنائنا وبناتنا للتوعية بأسبوع مكافحة ظاهرة التنمر.

تهدف هذه الجلسات التعريفية لتعزيز التثقيف لدى طلابنا بمشكلة التنمر والتوعية بها وذلك من خلال مشاركة وتضافر جهود الطلبة والمعلمين والأخصائيين الاجتماعيين وأولياء الأمور.

The Social Counselors at Awfaz Global Schools organized a series of awareness sessions for the Anti-bullying Week.

These lecture sessions aim to enhance students’ Knowledge about the problem of bullying and raise awareness about it, through the participation and joint efforts of students, teachers, social counselors and parents.

Art Exhibition 2019

Art exhibition 2019! Our 2019 art exhibition was a grand traditional annual celebration in identifying the hidden artistic talents of students. It was conducted between the 28th April 2019 and the 2nd of May 2019.

World Peace Day

World Peace Day Awfaz Global School held some events on Thursday 20th September on the occasion of ‘World Peace Day’, where the world celebrates this occasion on the 21st of September every year.

Custodian Appreciation Day

CUSTODIAN APPRECIATION DAY: 16 MAY, 2019 Our students and staff prepared cards and other presents to show their appreciation for the work done by our custodians i.e. security guard, cleaners and driver.