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Hind Heuze
Principal – Izghawa Campus

Head of Secondary Welcome Message

Dear Valued Students and Parents,

It is an honour to join the highly professional team of AGS. We strive to provide high quality education to the students both on campus and online, no matter how huge the challenges are. Stay tuned to get the latest updates about the school, the staff, our policies and activities, all on our renovated website. Our priority will always be graduating all round youth, ready for life challenges and proud of their values.

Mrs. Hanem Anwar
Head Of Secondary Stage – AGS- Izghawa Campus


Effective global citizens with a lifelong
love of learning.

Awfaz Global School (AGS) was established in 2010 with the aim of providing a stimulating and enriching learning environment that adds value to all learners and empowers holistic growth. Since 2010, the school has grown rapidly to become a high standard educational institution catering to the needs of local and expatriate families living in Qatar. Currently, the school caters to the needs of students from year 1 through to Year 6. its a current enrollment of approximately 240 students, the school provides a warm and caring atmosphere that is characterized by a child-centered approach to learning. AGS follows a British curriculum which incorporates Arabic language and culture as well as Islamic lessons.

At AGS, we pride ourselves as a family where the school and the wider community work together to nurture and educate the students. We value the contributions from our parents in the education of the students. We are committed to providing a caring and well-disciplined environment that enables our learners to engage in a lifelong love of learning. The strong partnership between school and the wider community benefits our students’ educational experience.

Our values enable us to teach our students the importance of community involvement, understanding tolerance, hard work and positive attitude, honesty and trustworthiness, compassion and caring for others. Through the rigorous academic curriculum and our wide range of extra-curricular activities, our children are given the best opportunity for self-development and discovery to become happy, confident and well-rounded individuals.

We believe that a great education needs to be balanced in all aspects and that is why we celebrate academic achievement alongside social, physical and emotional well-being. By shaping our teaching around each student, we value and inspire individuality, empower all our students to challenge what is possible, stay curious, learn for life and strive for excellence.


Arabic subjects at Awfaz

At Awfaz Global School we offer subjects taught in Arabic. These are Islamic Studies, Qatar History and Arabic. The subjects are taught by specialist Arabic staff and follow content and guidlines as directed by teh Ministry of Education

Why choose AGS

Effective communicators

Critical Thinkers

Self-directed learners

Global citizens


The story so far

The Izghawa campus of Awfaz Global School (AGS) was established in 2014 with the aim of providing a stimulating and enriching learning environment that adds value to all learners and empowers holistic growth. Since 2014, the school has seen consistent growth, striving to become a high standard educational institution. The school caters for a predominantly local cohort of Qatari students, although we welcome applications from expatriate families. Currently the school caters to the needs of students from Foundation stage 1 through to Year 12.

Current enrolment is 799 students. The school strives to provide a warm and caring atmosphere that is characterised by a child centered approach to learning.

Students will acquire high moral values, inspiring them to be creative and independent life-long learners.
Our target is to instill a passion for learning and achievement that will turn students into responsible global citizens who are compatible with the Qatari, Arabian and Islamic society they are living in.
AGS’ goal is to provide high standards and quality education for students to succeed.
Our secure, caring, child centered learning environment fosters a passion for learning, while nurturing the development of confidence and individual growth that will extend beyond the students’ academic journey.

AGS Student Councils

Children have the right to say what they think should happen, when adults are making decisions that affect them, and to have their opinions taken into account. We have embraced this philosophy at AGS and the newly formed Student Council has already, during it’s meeting, formed a Charter that identifies it’s role in the day-to-day running of the school.

Year 3C

Saoud Khaled

Student Council Representative

Year 3B

Mohammed Ahmed

Student Council Representative

Yead 2D

Leena Nasser

Student Council Representative

Year 2C

Aisha Ibrahim

Student Council Representative

Year 2B


Student Council Representative

Year 2A


Student Council Representative

Year 1D

Mohammed Abdullah

Student Council Representative

Year 1C

Joori Wael

Year 1B

Mohammed Ali AlKaabi

Student Council Representative

Year 1A

Jood AbdulHalim

Student Council Representative

Year 5


Student Council Secretary

Year 6


Student Council President

Year 3

Maryam Ahmad

Student Council Vice-President

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"We are one"

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