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Together we dream, believe, and achieve, leaving memories of a remarkable journey.

The key word in this statement is “together.” While teachers are at the front of the classroom each day, it’s the family a student comes home to that provides the foundation for academic success. Parents should be at the heart of every child’s education and that’s why we believe that parental involvement in school is so important.

Research regularly shows that parental engagement is essential to an excellent education. To make sure our students are given the very best start, we work hard to develop strong partnerships with the parents of our diverse body of students.


Knowing the rules.

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& Discipline

& Discipline


Student Uniform
Dress Code

Part of the developing tradition of AGS is the uniform dress code. The quality of appearance is related to a sound educational program. Students not in uniform will be sent home, unless an adequate reason is provided.

  • At all times, students must look neat and respectable.


  • Dark blue slack/skirt; white shirt. Students may wear a plain white T-shirt underneath their uniform shirt. Students may not wear any T-shirts with lettering or images as their undershirt. School cap – dark blue with school logo.


  • Dark blue slacks/skirt; white shirt; school tie; dark blue sweater, (or cardigan). The exact dates from which the school tie must be worn will be announced, varying from year to year, depending on the weather.
  • Pinafore hemlines are to be no higher than 5 cm above the top of the kneecap.
  • Plain dark shoes and plain socks must be worn. Plain stockings or tights may be worn instead of socks.
  • Winter jackets may be worn over the uniform, not instead of the uniform, to and from school, but not in the classroom. These should be dark in color.
  • The school tie should be worn to and from school, not only on the school campus.
  • Ties must be worn by all primary/secondary students, apart from girls wearing shaila.
  • Shirts must be tucked in. (Primary only)
  • Jewelry is not allowed apart from small stud earrings for girls.
  • Nail polish and make-up is strictly forbidden.
  • Shoes should be black or dark blue – no trainers.
  • PE uniform should be worn for PE, on PE days only. Students from Year 4 up should change into school uniform after PE.
  • Long hair should be tied back neatly and coloring of hair is not allowed.


Note: Uniforms can be purchased from the school uniform supplier located at our Izghawa Campus. Shirts, jumpers, cardigans and PE jackets should ideally contain the school logo.


The following is a sample of useful websites for homework help, games, activities and research materials. Awfaz Global School offers these links on the understanding that it in no way endorses the content of individual websites. Parental guidance and supervision, as always is required.

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A user-friendly educational site that provides printable materials and worksheets for immediate use by teachers and parents.

History World

An encyclopedia of world history based on a database covering 400 interconnecting narratives and 6000 selected events.

Arabic Language

A useful site for resources to teach and learn basic Arabic.

A+ Math

This website offers students flashcards, games and worksheets on basic mathematical functions, fractions, currency calculations, and geometric shapes