Primary Department Welcome Message

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Welcome to the buoyant and nurturing environment of the Primary Department at Awfaz Global School, Izghawa campus. I’m Muhammed Ilyas, delighted and honoured to lead as the Head of Primary, weaving vibrant threads of innovative learning and heartfelt student engagement into the educational tapestry of our school. My journey with Awfaz spans a rewarding eight years, where every day is a new chapter of exploration, learning, and holistic development, ensuring each student feels seen, celebrated, and academically invigorated within our school walls.

Prior to embarking on my journey with Awfaz, I enriched my educational and leadership palette with a decade of immersive experiences in London, United Kingdom, honing my skills in curating education that is as compassionate as it is academically rigorous. My academic narrative is shaped notably by a Masters in Education Management from the prestigious King’s College London, instilling in me a leadership ethos that seamlessly melds administrative acumen with a profound understanding of educational dynamics. Guided by a team of dedicated educators, we at the Primary Department steadfastly commit to crafting a learning environment that is academically stellar, inclusively compassionate, and thoughtfully tailored to nurture every unique learner who walks through our doors.

Best regards,

Mr. Mohamed Ilyas
Head of Primary